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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Refurb, July 7, in Manchester with Laurie Green

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Subject: Refurb, July 7, with Laurie Green

Hi all

A reminder of our RefUrb event on Tuesday, July 7,  11:45am to 3pm, with Bishop Laurie Green of the National Estate Churches Network. Laurie will be sharing from his new book Blessed are the Poor? Urban Poverty and the Church. Venue is Longsight Church of the Nazarene.

The book is an investigation into what Jesus meant when he said those words – Blessed are the Poor – and what it might now mean for the Church if it should take his words seriously. Given the recent election and the UK's status as the most unequal nation in Europe, maybe it is about time we did just that!

If you're involved in ministry or mission on a housing estate as a resident, incomer and/or member of a church, or would like to discover more about it, this event is for you.

Here are some comments from reviewers:

"You have in your hands a rare and special document. Here unearthed for you are deep stories of hope and possibility as well as stories of hardship and dismay. These stories belong to the often forgotten residents of Britain's housing estates. Laurie Green bears witness to how God is very present and how theology and church can become alive because of the mysterious part that those who are marginalised often play in the purposes of God."
Ann Morisy (Ann is a freelance community theologian, lecturer and author. Her best-selling books include Beyond the Good Samaritan and Journeying Out.)

"Bishop Laurie Green gives us a power pack of experience, with fresh insights into Jesus' declaration "Blessed are you who are poor" by breaking open space for the poor to speak for themselves from within their communities. Based on a life-long immersion in the lives of the poor, it is a Gospel-centric account saturated with fresh Gospel insights from the perspectives of the world of the poor, to enable us authentically to challenge the present ordering of society and Church. A reflection-action "work book" challenging us all as Christians and Church to really be with the poor, who are full of inspiring stories from the underside of our society."
John Battle (John has been a Minister of State for the UK Government and has been honoured by the Vatican for his life-long community activism and his political achievements)

"This carefully researched but highly readable book combines detailed reflection on biblical resources with historical and sociological perspectives on housing estates and issues of urban poverty and, most significantly, the experience and stories of poor people themselves. Rejecting platitudes and romanticism, it is a powerful demonstration of the practice of contextual theology and offers a persuasive and provocative interpretation of what Jesus meant when he pronounced the poor 'blessed'. 
Stuart Murray Williams (Stuart is a theologian and author, the founder of Urban Expression, and an experienced urban minister. He currently teaches mission and is Director of the Centre for Anabaptist studies.)


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