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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Background on Refugees and asylum seekers

The UK government is offering to accept 20,000 Syrian refugees selected from those still in the Middle East.
Before rushing in to offer your spare room or collect van loads of food to take to Calais take a few moments to read up on the situation.
There is very useful guidance from the Local Government association on the current refugee situation here
The asylum seeker and refugee population in the UK - and in Lancashire is already established and needs our support.
Government Statistics show

There were 25,771 asylum applications (main applicants) in YE June 2015, an increase of 10%

compared with the previous 12 months (23,515). The number of applications remains low relative

to the peak number of applications in 2002 (84,132).

• The largest number of applications for asylum came from nationals of Eritrea (3,568), followed

by Pakistan (2,302) and Syria (2,204). A total of 11,600 people were granted asylum or an

alternative form of protection.

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